Love & Radiation

Can someone not be a dildo about Shirley and Dawn for like five minutes?

Peggy Olson is being a giant jerk this episode. Peggy, hush.

Can Sally Draper: Girl Detective solve the mystery of her father’s pathetic existence?

Thank god for Shirley and Dawn.

Mad Men isn’t much better. At least Sally is in it.

Game of Thrones makes me sad that Adventure Time is between seasons right now because a new episode would cleanse this shit from my mind.

Will someone put a ball-gag on Stannis Baratheon already?

Meanwhile, the Hound is being a jerk apparently. Can it be time for Arya and Sansa to go form a Metallica cover band now?

Ugh, Kingslayer.

So, like, this is the shitty, misogynistic payoff to Jaime’s squiring redemption with Brienne of Tarth?

Not only was it shitty and gross, it didn’t make any character sense whatsoever, even by White People & Dragons standards.

I would like to write Dead Girl comics.

I would like to write Dead Girl comics.