Love & Radiation


storm and nightcrawler are the hottest x-men. some people are gonna come in and ask “what about colossus”. yes, i have seen that page of marvel swimsuit special too. it’s great. but, no. storm and nightcrawler

Tomorrow better be a better day, or I am gonna lose all the things.

Sometimes Amy Santiago is an uncomfortable mirror to gaze into.

Do the thing.
You can tell I’ve pretty much given up by this point.

I still can’t get over the fact that the current Marvel event boils down to “People argue with Holocaust survivor about killing Nazi war criminal.”

I admit that I’m stress eating right now because stupid babies.

To sum up my day.

To sum up my day.

Are you being intentionally obtuse? Is that’s what happening here? You’re being obtuse even though there’s a strict timeline?

Pro Tip! Your website’s “Contact Us” page shouldn’t basically contain links to the rest of your website. Just have some basic contact information and trust that people can use the six billion navigation bars.