Love & Radiation
"But come on, wouldn’t you want to kiss the Doctor?"
  1. Ugh, no. That’s like signing my own death warrant.
  2. Nine and Ten, sure, they were portrayed as adults. Eleven? Eleven acts like he’s twelve when it comes to sex and sexuality, like “kissing” is this weird human custom he heard about last week.
  3. Along with every other human custom, honestly.
  4. Seriously, though. I know Timelords are grown on these loom things or something, but Eleven’s approach to human sexuality is to wave his arms around like Kermit.
  5. Eight! Paul McGann was super-sexy. Just saying.
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    This is too perfect.
  2. novazembla said: PAUL MCGANNNNNNNN. The man so attractive he made “Him or Idris Elba as Luther?” actually a legitimate question.
  3. liquidiousfleshbag said: kissing 11 would be like kissing 4 BUT WEIRDER. but yes to everyone smooching nine. i would lick his big beautiful nose until he wept
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    Nine can get it. But yeah, Eleven is like… so not sexual in his behavior that it makes Moffat’s Doctor-kissing agenda...
  5. hagofhags said: I would make out with Nine and Ten for all eternity in all of time and space because HELLO but Eleven? Nope.
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  7. pantherofroughstorms said: I would kiss Nine. I would kiss Nine forever. Niiiiiiine. I probably wouldn’t kiss Ten, but Nine? Yes, please and thank you.
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