Love & Radiation

My Avengers (First Roster)

Rules as follows: six members (like the movie version; none of the big three (Cap, Tony, Thor); at least one telepath; at least one scientist; at least one street-level hero; nobody belonging to the X-Men or Fantastic Four Families. I also prioritized having distinct visual presences for each member, which is why you won’t see two blond dudes written by Matt Fraction and drawn by David Aja together on either team.

In my first batch I ended up with mostly female members, despite trying for gender parity. Blame it at least partly on the lack of heroic male telepaths? It’s no big. I moved a couple characters between the two rosters after I came up with them originally, because having one or two characters paired made sense to me.

  1. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)—Carol is pretty big right now, and Marvel is putting a lot of promotion behind her to make sure she reads as A-List. She’s the equivalent of Cap in this roster, the one who recruits everybody. She has military training and an extremely diverse power set—strength and flight, along with energy absorption and manipulation as needed. Invulnerable, too.
  2. Luke Cage, Power Man—Luke’s strong and invulnerable and used to working with a diverse set of other heroes (Spidey, Iron Fist, Daredevil). I slotted him into the equivalent position as the Hulk, although I don’t think that’s a comment on Luke. I have him filling the second-in-command role because he has led Avengers teams before.
  3. Misty Knight—Misty is street-level and favours detective work, which I think brings a bit of balance to the bruisers like Luke and Carol. Misty has a cybernetic limb as well, so has some mild technological advantages. I originally had her on the other team, but swapped her around because I felt like Luke would recruit her. I really love the idea of Luke and Misty having super-adventures and bonding time without Iron Fist around, something that would leave Danny with a lot of consternation.
  4. Black Widow—Each team has one member of the movie version, and I picked my favourites. Widow has stealth and tactical thinking down to an art; if you look at her wiki entry, it talks about her ability to process multiple streams of information, much like Captain America. She is lower on the power spectrum like Misty, but I don’t consider her street-level. I love super-spies, which is part of what motivated me to include her.
  5. Moondragon—As mentioned above, I wanted to include at least one telepath on each team, and Moondragon has extensive psychic abilities. Reason for telepaths? They live in a world of shapeshifters, mind control, parallel universe doppelgangers and clones. Need somebody making sure everyone is honest. I also just love Moondragon, and have done so since I was a kid, feverishly reading Quasar comics.
  6. The Vision—I mentioned the need to have a scientist to fill Tony Stark’s role, and decided that the Vision is highly adaptable, possesses powers that would diversify the team (phasing, solar blasts) and work well with Widow’s stealth training. He’s also a supercomputer/sex-on-legs.
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